The Republic of Lithuania’s Ministry of Education and Science, in an effort to expand and encourage Lithuanian (Baltistic) studies outside of Lithuania, is announcing a competitive grant program for projects of Lithuanian (Baltistic) studies.

The institutions of learning and educational studies in Lithuania, along with their partners, Center of Lithuanian (Baltistic) Studies Abroad, are asked to submit cooperative projects to enable these Lithuanian studies.

The application form can be found on the Ministry of Education’s website (in Lithuanian).

Applications must be submitted by March 8th, 2013 to the Higher Education, Science, and Technology for Academic Mobile and Continuing Education Department within the Ministry of Education and Science. The address is A. Volano g. 2/7, 01516 Vilnius.

Any questions should be directed to the main specialist of the Academic Mobile and Continuing Education, Daivą Žemgulienę tel. (8-5) 219 1167, el. p.