Host an Exchange Student from Lithuania who has won a US Department of State Scholarship!

These high school students will be with the host family for two semesters
beginning in August, 2013. They have earned their scholarships in a competitive
process. They must maintain a “B” average in their host high school, complete
30 hours of volunteer service, and join a leadership club or activity. They receive
a monthly stipend for spending money and some funds for school-related

Host families must provide three meals per day, a place to sleep, a place to
study, a comfortable home environment, and transportation to and from school
and school activities (school bus is fine.)

Who can host? Couples with or without children, singles, and empty nesters.

Who to contact? James E. Kerr, Local Coordinator, American Councils for
International Education. American Councils places only State Department
Scholarship winners.

Profiles of scholarship winners are available now and placements are taking
place. We have many to place and only a limited time in which to find host
families. Please contact:

ExCEL fact sheet

James E. Kerr 618 667-9858