Less than a month is left until the 12th “Mission Sibiras, 2013” expedition. We are pleased to report that Lithuanians in the US are also helping out with this project. Thanks to efforts of the Lithuanian American Community, $4,410 has been raised and will be forwarded to the project organizers. Because of the generosity of US and other donors, 16 young people will have the opportunity to visit locations of deportation destinations and imprisonment of Lithuanians in Western Siberia, Tiumenė district, this summer.

All funds will be used to underwrite this expedition. This year, the expedition’s goal is a difficult one. The relics of the years of exile in the district of Tiumenė are rapidly deteriorating. The last expedition to this region was more than a decade ago, and many of the gravesites have not been visited for an even longer period. “Therefore, the financial support will provide the opportunity and feasibility to accomplish the tasks” states Arnas Marcinkus, director of the charitable foundation “Jauniems”.

Just a reminder that the 12th “Mission Sibiras, 2013” to the Federation District of Tiumenė expedition departs from Vilnius train station on July 17th, “Day of World Lithuanian Unity”.

Since the inception of “Mission Sibiras”, the young participants of eleven expeditions have visited locations of deportation destinations and imprisonment and repaired about 90 Lithuanian cemeteries and visited with Lithuanians, living in those areas.


If you wish to donate to this historical remembrance project, which appeals to and strengthens the nobility, patriotism, and citizenship of these young Lithuanians,

Please write a check to:


Lithuanian American Community, Inc. Memo: Misija Sibiras

and send it to Lithuanian American Community National Executive Committee vice-president for economic affairs:

Algimantas Gustaitis

208 Linden Ponds Way, Unit 403

Hingham, MA 02043

Your donation will be forwarded to the “Mission Sibiras” organization in Lithuania. Your donation is tax deductible.

“Mission Sibiras” is more than an expedition. As stated above, it is a mission that underscores and fosters remembrance of Lithuanian history, patriotism, and citizenship.

For more information about the project, please visit: www.misijasibiras.lt