Lithuanian American Community vice-president for information, „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“ editor, Loreta Timukienė

As the summer ends, we return from our vacations and resume our daily lives. Recently, the second volume of the „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“ has becone available. It is replete with interesting and important information about the Lithuanian American Community (LAC) and its activities. We would like to thank all those who submitted articles or photos for this first inaugural year of the publication. We invite all to read this newly composed publication„What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“, and encourage your friends and acquaintances to subscribe. In this way, information about the LAC is spread and encourages more people to actively participate in their local chapters.
In the past, information about the LAC would make an occasional appearance as a brochure or article, and then fade away. This made it difficult for people to know more about the organization and its activities. Understandably, one publication cannot contain all that the LAC is involved with, but we hope that by perusing „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“, the reader can get a general understanding of the organization, its activities, and spark in them a desire to participate in the LAC.

The first volume was published in a magazine format. The goal was to make it a link between all Lithuanians living in the US, thereby also strengthening their bond with Lithuania. Plans for such a publication began in the fall of 2012, as the new LAC National Executive Commitee was formed, with Sigita Šimkuviene as president. As editor of this publication, my 5 years of experience as a copy editor at „Draugas“, as well as work with the LAC Board of Directors, made me realize that attempting to present all the information about the LAC, without resorting to a encyclopedia like volume, was improbable. The current volume is 22 pages, and the length of future volumes will partly be determined by the readership, authors, and distribution. As time goes on, we will have more feedback from the readers, and, if the initial comments are indicative, the publication has been clearly well received. Financial support for „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“comes from the LAC National Executive Committee, the Lithuanian Foundation. We are hopeful that additional support will come through subscriptions and donations.
Please note that in „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“, the content is not simply copied from other sources, such as the internet, or other publications. The main focus is about the life of the LAC. You will find news and photos from various chapters and districts in the US, articles about leaders in the LAC, news from the Lithuanian Heritage schools. Additionally, there are also highlights about important events in the LAC community, and an overview of Lithuanians across the globe. We invite Lithuanian artists, performers, businesses to advertise in „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“. The publication is in color, very readable. The target readership is Lithuanians in the US who care about their ethnicity, who are interested in Lithuania as well as the history of Lithuanian immigrants in the US of yesterday and today. By reading this journal, you will not only contribute to maintaining a vibrant Lithuanian presence in the US, but also the knowledge you gain will help solidify Lithuanian identity in the global community.
You can subscribe to „What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“. It will be published every 2 months. Yearly subscription is $20.00. If you wish to have the magazine mailed to you, please make out a check to:
Lithuanian American Community, Inc., and mail it to
3455 Table Mesa Drive, Apr. C-118, Boulder, CO 80305
In the memo, please indicate „Naujienos“ (What‘s New)
„What‘s New in the Lithuanian American Community“ is printed in Chicago, at „Seklyčia“, a building that belongs to the Social Services Council of the LAC. Other publications will also be printed there: „Bridges“, „Pensininkas“ – the publication for retirees edited by the Social Services Council. The printing services are designed for use by the LAC, to include production of posters, brochures, hand-outs, envelopes. If you are in need of these types of printing services, please contact

We invite you to visit the LAC website, The website has been renovated. The renovation was the responsibility of Danguole Navickiene, who is currently the president of the Lithuanian World Community. Formerly, her responsibilities included National Executive Committee executive vice-president. Our current Committee is continuing her work on the website. The website contains comprehensive information about the LAC, including a calendar of events, list of Lithuanian Heritage Schools, list of Lithuanian parishes, libraries, museums, archives, and publications, artists and performers, sports club rosters. The website is bilingual, in Lithuanian and English. Texts are translated to English by Daiva Navickiene, president of Lithuanian Educational Council of the US.
Our plans include publishing a comprehensive list of Lithuanian run businesses here in the US, as well as listing other Lithuanian organizations. We would like to modify the current stucture of the website. There is a link to the LAC facebook page, visited frequently by younger Lithuanians. We periodically receive communications from Lithuanians interested in participating in LAC and wanting to know how to go about this. In order for LAC to remain vibrant and relevant, we need photos, letters, articles from the readership. Your submissions will be uploaded to the website, facebook, allowing thousands of people to view it throughout the world. Please send information to

For the technophiles, we offer one more way to access information about events. In collaboration with „Data Summary, Inc.“, a program was designed for smartphones that could upload the activities calendar. This program is free and can be downloaded from „Google Play“. Our calendar has a comprehensive list of LAC events. Each listing includes a map, advertisements, pictures, visual media and sound. For more information about this app, contact Mindaugas Bielskus,

The goal of the current National Executive Committee is to provide comprehensive information about the LAC. To show that its activities are interesting and relevant. Our communication with the chapters and districts, other Lithuanian organizations, the diplomatic corps of the Republic of Lithuania, government insitutions in Lithuania and the US, having any relevance to Lithuanians abroad, is current and frequent. The volume of information is massive, requiring intelligent culling. Information about LAC activities are also published in other media: newspapers „Draugas“, „Amerikos lietuvis“, „Čikagos aidas“, online daily news „ From now on, LAC related information sent to „Draugas“ and „Amerikos lietuvis“ will be routed to a separate section, so, if you are sending them information about LAC activities, please indicate so with your submission.
We all admit to having responsibilities to our ethnic heritage. If we as a community want our children to attend Lithuanian Heritage schools, maintain Lithuanian churches, support Lithuanian press, publications, archives, art galleries, sports events, we need to dedicate time and provide financial support. Our community‘s commitment to these goals will determine the maintenance of our Lithuanian identity within our environment. By supporting time honored as well as newly formed organizations in the Lithuanian community with our membership and participation, we will continue to persevere and maintain our unique identity within the cloak of globalization.