A number of notable Lithuanian economists, including a Bank of Lithuania board member, professors from Hong Kong and Gettysburg universities, PhD candidates working in Cologne & Stockholm universities attended the American Economic Association meeting in Bay Area on January 3rd. San Francisco Chapter of the Lithuanian-American Community and the Academic Network of the Lithuanian Economists organized a meeting with the Lithuanians attending the event. Among the guests were Marius Jurgilas, Alminas Zaldokas, Agne Suziedelyte, Audinga Baltrunaite, Egle Karmaziene, Agne Kajackaite, Diana Placiakiene, Titas Budrys, Rimvydas Baltaduonis and others.
The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Chicago, IL in 2017. The group of Lithuanian economists plans on meeting there again.


Some of the meeting attendees