Board of Directors Election

For seven decades, the Lithuanian American Community (LAC) has been the only organization that unites all Lithuanians living in the US and their family members. Activities of the LAC range: from Lithuanian schools, to organizing cultural events, song and dance festivals, sporting events, and educational symposiums, all representing American Lithuanians in the World Lithuanian Community. The Board of Directors is the main unit of LAC that sets and determines the direction of the organization. Therefore, these elections are very important for all Lithuanians in the US.

Elections for the LAC Board of Directors will take place May 1-15, 2018. All ten Districts  will participate in the election process; three of the Districts are divided into sub-districts for the election purposes. Ten members of any chapter or electoral district  can nominate a candidate for that particular district. All candidates have to submit a written consent to run for the election. All nominees will be pulled into the general electoral district’s list of candidates. The number of candidates is not limited, but the number of board members elected in each electoral district will depend on constituency and number of votes in each electoral district.

All candidates have to submit the filled out Candidate’s Consent and Nominating Petition including all signatures to the Chapter or District (if Chapter is absent) no later than March 15th, 2018.

Candidate’s Consent and Nomination Form

For more information or to register to vote, please visit