Board of Review

Honor Tribunal of the Lithuanian-American Community

The Honor Tribunal provides clarification when questions arise regarding the by-laws of the Lithuanian American Community. The Tribunal, made up of five members, also reviews and investigates alleged violations of the by-laws, and can act as a mediator in organizational disputes.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Honor Tribunal forwards a copy to the accused who has two weeks to respond. The Honor Tribunal collects documentary and other evidence from throughout the organization to conduct an investigation of the allegations. The proceedings of the Honor Tribunal are not public. Decisions of the Tribunal are implemented by the Presidium of the Board of Directors.

2015-2018 Board of Review

Danguolė Navickienė
Gediminas Damašius
Tomas Girnius
Birutė Kairienė
Ingrida Strokova
Raimundas Šilkaitis
Raminta Urbonavičienė


Complaints about Elections to the National Lithuanian-American Community Board of Directors

Complaints associated with elections to the national Lithuanian-American Community Board of Directors must be made in writing and sent to the officers of the appropriate Lithuanian-American Community district. The district officers, having stated their opinion, forward the complaint to the national Election Commission within five days.

The national Election Commission decides the issues in the complaint within two weeks of having received it from the district officers and informs the complainants and the district of its decision.

The complainant may appeal the Election Commission’s decision within five days of receiving it to the Honor Tribunal. The decision of the Honor Tribunal is final.

All other complaints associated with the legitimacy of a candidate must be sent to the Honor Tribunal within five days after the announcement of the list of candidates to the Board of Directors.