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The Lithuanian Cultural Council fosters Lithuanian culture and traditions through regular sponsorship of specific events, such as folk dance, music and theater festivals as well as concerts, lectures, exhibits, poetry readings and other events.

Council Members

Activities and Resources

Directory of Lithuanian Resources at Selected Libraries, Archives, and Museums

This directory provides links to Lithuanian materials at 82 libraries, archives, and museums in the United States and Lithuania. If an organization has a Lithuanian name, the Lithuanian name is used, followed by the name in English. Other sources are listed by their English names. Some information is missing. In some cases, information was not obtained; in other cases, the field was omitted when it was clear or reported that virtually all holdings were in English. Holdings in Lithuanian are reported only for sources having substantial portions of holdings in Lithuanian. This annotated bibliography was prepared by Dr. Lee Burchinal, Executive Director, Sudan-American Foundation for Education, Inc.

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Directory of Lithuanian Artists and Performers

We welcome artists and performers of Lithuanian descent who are living in the US to join our directory. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the directory.

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Lithuanian Cultural Legacy in America – A Photo Album

This photo album introduces the reader to the wealth of Lithuanian cultural legacy in America. The album presents a short history of: Lithuanians in America; the Lithuanian Embassy in the USA; Lithuanian cultural centers; the first Lithuanian churches in America; churches and their architecture after 1950; religious houses; youth camps; installed art; monuments and wayside shrines; and Lithuanian cemeteries. Each chapter has a brief introduction, over 350 beautifully reproduced photographs, an index and resource list. The album is a 9×12 hard-cover 224-page publication.