Academic Affairs Council

Objectives and Tasks of the Academic Affairs Task Group

  • Cooperative activities with Lithuania’s ministry of education and science:
    • Awards for scientific achievements for scientists of lithuanian origin abroad
    • Graduate, doctoral, and post doctoral studies in Lithuania
    • Information for university level studies in Lithuania
    • Information about teaching opportunities at Lithuania’s universities
    • Assistance to Lithuania’s ministry of education and science in areas of scientific interest.
  • Cooperative activities with Lithuania’s Academy of Sciences in creating a national science prize for extraordinary scientific achievement for a scientist of lithuanian origin abroad.
  • Organizing in 2008 the World Lithuanian Symposium on Science and Creativity.
  • Cooperative and coordination activities with the education committee of the World Lithuanian Community.
  • Cordination and maintenance of contacts with independent scientific groups of scientists of lithuanian origin in USA.
  • Maintenance of roster of scientists of lithuanian origin in USA.
  • Provide assisstance as needed within the scope of activities of LAC-NEC to Lithuania’s embassy in Washington.
  • Assistance on science inquiries originated by Lithuania’s scientific community.
  • Create bibliography of Lithuanian-American scientists participating in Symposiums on Science and Creativity since their inception in 1969.
  • Maintenance of informartional ties with lithuanian study centers at U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Development of information on activities by the LAC-NEC Academic Affairs Task Group.

Council Members

  • Dr. Almantas Galvanauskas, Chair
  • Dr. Rasa Santockyte
  • Vytas Narutis
  • Daumantas Matulis


World Lithuanian Symposium on the Arts and Sciences

This event, last held July 3-5, 2011, aims to bring people together to reflect on the perspectives of Lithuania and the world in another 20 years, to discuss Lithuania’s “success formula”, new forms of creative collaboration between Lithuania and its diaspora, to encourage and make use of partnership of science and business for the future of Lithuania.

Further information including instructions for delivery of proposed papers and/or presentations and detailed program of the Symposium may be found on the website