Council Members

  • Liepa V. Boberienė, Chair

Activities and Resources

US Lithuanian Youth Association representative to the Lithuanian American Community Liepa V. Boberienė

Lithuanian American Community collaboration with US Lithuanian Youth Association
The US Lithuanian Youth Association (US LYA) works with the Lithuanian American Community (LAC) in efforts to make LAC activities more accessible and engaging to young Lithuanians. The goal is to empower youth to become active members of LAC, to preserve and strengthen Lithuanian identity, and to create interpersonal relationships and build social support.

Youth engagement seminars
Together, LAC and US LYA organize seminars presenting LAC activities and opportunities to become involved in Lithuanian events and youth organizations. We work to engage the interest of young people in the Lithuanian American Community and facilitate their participation.

Youth representatives across chapters
Chapter presidents are encouraged to include a youth representative on their boards!

Youth needs assessment survey
LAC and USLYA are working to bring the energy of youth into the work of local chapters, based on evidence of youth interests and the kinds of activities that would draw them into chapter events. We hope to rejuvenate local communities’ activism while collaborating with young people. We would like to hear youth ideas about Lithuanian activism abroad and we invite you to fill out the survey at

Youth-Related Links

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