Birute’s LISS Fund

BLISS portretas


Birute’s Lithuanian International Student Services Fund, est. 2010.

Birute Bublys (Birutė Baltrušaitytė Bublienė, 1950-2010) was a vibrant, inspiring leader and organizer who was felled by cancer while joyfully developing Lithuanian International Student Services, LISS, a summer internship program that she had founded and worked on until a few days before her death. Her death left her family devastated and all who knew her in shock. Donations poured in to support Birute’s beloved LISS; the moneys became known as the BLISS FUND.

Birute Bublys was born in a displaced persons camp in Germany (her parents had fled the Soviet occupation of Lithuania) and arrived in the United States with her family in 1961. She earned a B.A. from Oakland University in Michigan, an MBA from Central Michigan University and did additional graduate work at the University of Michigan. Subsequently, she taught German and literature in high school, was a consultant to corporations and hotels, was a manager for the municipality of Detroit, and was a successful real estate agent in Bloomfield, Michigan.

Birute’s special love was her Lithuanian heritage. She was fluent in Lithuanian, held leadership positions in Lithuanian American organizations, married an architect who was a fellow Lithuanian American, and brought up two daughters with a strong sense of their Lithuanian roots.

The BLISS FUND furthers Birute’s (fondly called “Mama Bubs” by LISS interns) vision of immersing college students of Lithuanian heritage for six weeks during the summer in the language and culture of Lithuania, thus invigorating their ethnic roots while adding an international dimension to their college education. LISS interns are also provided with practical work experience in their major: interns work in Lithuania’s operating rooms, childcare institutions, banks, businesses, governmental ministries, museums and other places of employment, including the media and the arts. The placements are in Vilnius, Kaunas, and in the port city of Klaipėda.

You are invited to support the annual immersion summer program in Lithuania, begun and nurtured with such love by Birute Bublys.

Please make out your check to Lithuanian American Community, Inc.
Mail to: Rasa Dooling, LAC Treasurer
621 Field Street
Naugatuck, CT 06770

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